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Care-a-Child is the first program initiated by Swasthan Seva Foundation and is aimed to help provide food, shelter, and education to children affected by poverty and an improper upbringing. It is a long-term association where attention is provided via individual sponsorship so that each child can blossom to his or her full potential. We aim to provide resources to help build a better future for them by raising funds through charitable activities and by spreading awareness. Care-a-Child will monitor the children’s physical and mental progress and will continuously receive and provide feedback to ensure a promising future. Sponsors will be responsible for the financial well-being of the child and can make the caretaker of the orphanage accountable for the progress of his or her sponsored child.

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Similar to Care-a-Child abroad program, we  have initiated local or domestic projects such as providing tutoring services to the underprivileged children who are struggling with their education; providing support to nursing homes; providing food and commodities to homeless shelters; adopting a trail in the city; creating a support system for the local Indian community.


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