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Volunteers Needed

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Following are different community service projects which we have initiated locally.
  • Support to the residents of the nursing home. We are providing support to the residents of the nursing home by visiting them making cards for them and also entertaining them. Since 2011 our teens have been making cards and visiting nursing homes to provide support to the residents.
  • Support to the local homeless shelter. Providing food items to the local homeless shelter. We started this service project since 2012.
  • Tutoring services to the under priviledged children in the local area. We are partnering with the libraries to initiate this effort. Education is very important for the individual and a good foundation during childhood years is crucial. Therefore, we are making an effort to provide service to the children in the community.
  • Adopting a trail to keep it clean. We are adopting our first trial in the northwest. Arkansas, this spring. Our adult and teen volunteers are involved in this project.
  • Support system : We have created a support system among the Indian community to connect them to different resources. We want to be there for those who are new to the community and who have need for those who have barrier issues due to language.



Be a volunteer and support local Indian community.

We are looking for volunteers, coordinators for our support group, who will work on the following areas.

  • Help those in crisis.
  • Help connect them to different resources that our area has to offer.
  • Help support those who have lost loved ones and need help to and from funeral and how to rebuild confidence to help themselves when loved ones are lost.