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Almost every Saturday starting from April 12

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We help these kids in many ways.

  • Improvement of Living Conditions: In order to improve the living conditions of the children, we will provide the immediate need of two rooms – one for the boys and one for the girls – with brick walls, cement flooring and proper roofing. That will be the basic need of orphan to live and start their life. Each child will get a mat to sleep on, along with three sets of linens and a blanket for winter. We will continue to improve their life and living condition in future
  • Sanitation: There will be at least two restrooms and two enclosed bathrooms for the girls. Tube wells will be installed for water and every effort will be made to keep the area clean.
  • Health and Nutrition: The health of children depends mainly upon proper food and exercise. Apart from the main staple food of rice and lentils, efforts will be made to provide vegetables as a supplement. Vegetables and fruits will be grown in the backyard, and the children will undergo regular medical checkups. Each children health record will be maintained.
  • Education and Training: The children will have access to better education through school. They will also be provided with the school supplies such as books, writing materials, etc. The future aim is to bring in electricity for them as soon as possible to provide a better atmosphere for nighttime studies. Regular progress reports will be sent to the sponsors. Talents such as singing, dancing, painting, etc. will be encouraged.
  • Behavioral Activity and Development of Personality: The children will be taught to lead a disciplined life and develop their personality to have a meaningful life in society. They will be encouraged to have Yoga, music, keeping their own things tidy, washing their clothes and utensils, etc as their regular habits.

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